Industrial Scrubbing, Industrial Sweeping, Commercial Cleaning Christchurch

Do you need powerful, dust free vacuum sweeping?

Commercial floor cleaning and industrial cleaning services for your workplace in Christchurch & Greater Canterbury:

✓  Industrial sweeping and scrubbing
✓  Commercial floor cleaning
✓  Car park sweeping
✓  Warehouse sweeping

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Looking for Industrial/Commercial Scrubbing, Sweeping & Cleaning?

Canterbury Industrial Sweeping Ltd provides superior commercial floor cleaning and industrial cleaning services for your workplace.

Our commercial floor sweepers and industrial scrubbers are designed to not only power sweep all dust, dirt, and debris, but vacuum as well, filtering the air and returning clean air, leaving your site clean and DUST FREE!

We use blowers or hand brooms to get to hard to reach areas such as bike stands, trolley stands, down-pipes etc, creating a healthier safer workplace.

Loosen and remove dirt and grime from your concrete floor with our powerful wet scrubbing machines.

Keep your workplace and team safe and healthy with regular Industrial and Commercial Sweeping Scrubbing. Set the right tone in your business and boost your corporate image with a clean and tidy workspace.

Powerful Sweeping

Dust Free

Operate 24/7

Our commercial sweeping and scrubbing services cover both indoor and outdoor warehouse floor cleaning and car park sweeping and operate 24/7.

Forget all your problems with fine dust, debris, nails, glass, stones, wood-chip, paper, and spillages etc. We have the industrial cleaning equipment and personnel to improve and make your site cleaner, safer and a healthier and happier working environment.

Scrubbing and Sweeping in Christchurch and Canterbury

We offer a one-stop shop of commercial cleaning services not only Christchurch but the greater Canterbury region. Let us come to your business at a time that suits you.