Canterbury Industrial Scrubbing Services for Business’s in Christchurch & Canterbury

Are you looking for industrial scrubbing services for your warehouse, premises or commercial property? Canterbury Industrial Sweeping Ltd. Have commercial floor scrubbers to suit different size industrial cleaning jobs for the best price in Christchurch.

✓ Forget all your problems with fine dust, debris, nails, glass, stones, wood-chip, paper, and spillages etc. We have the industrial cleaning equipment and personnel to improve and make your site cleaner, safer and a healthier and happier working environment.

✓ Our commercial sweeping and scrubbing services cover both indoor and outdoor warehouse floor cleaning

✓ Our commercial floor sweepers and industrial scrubbers are designed to not only power sweep all dust, dirt, and debris, but vacuum as well, filtering the air and returning clean air, leaving your site clean and DUST FREE!

✓ We use blowers or hand brooms to get to hard to reach areas such as bike stands, trolley stands, down-pipes etc, creating a healthier safer workplace.

✓ Loosen and remove dirt and grime from your concrete floor with our powerful wet scrubbing machines.

What type of business’s to we work with?

We work with clients from around Christchurch and the Greater Canterbury Area to ensure you get the best possible result, with the least disruption to your business. This includes a wide range of industrial and commercial sites, including warehouses, commercial premises, car parks, factories, freight depots and more.

What type of industrial scrubbing equipment and Machinery do we use:

Our specialist commercial concrete scrubbing equipment uses the highest quality detergents technology and brushes to cut through, loosen and remove dirt and grime, leaving an exceptionally clean floor.

Why choose our Canterbury Industrial Scrubbing Services:

✓ Our team is ready to service your commercial cleaning and scrubbing needs 24/7. Anytime, Any day.

✓ You do what you do best and leave the scrubbing and sweeping to us.

✓ No need to mess around with renting and returning heavy machinery.

✓ No storing heavy machinery, we bring it with us to do the job, then take it away when we are done.

✓ We are up to speed with the Health and Safety at Work Act requirements for cleaners.

✓ We stick to your schedule and have bespoke plans to suit your needs.


How do the industrial scrubbing services work?

It all starts with a conversation. Tell us more about your premises and the frequency you would require cleaning, we can provide you with a free no obligation free quote.

Canterbury Industrial Scrubbing Machine in Christchurch Warehouse