Car park sweeping services in Christchurch and greater Canterbury for your business.

Often it is easy to focus on what is inside your business and neglect your car park. When your busy working in the business, car park sweeping and cleaning can easily fall to the bottom of the to-do list. The trouble is the cleanliness of your carpark really ads to it’s “curb appeal”, and a dirty car park can really detract from your companies image. 

Would you like someone to come in and clean your carpark to keep things looking clean and tidy?

We offer professional car park sweeping and scrubbing services using powerful dust free vacuuming machines to increase the appeal of your car parks and driveways. 

Why choose our Carpark Sweeping Services?

✓ You do what you do best and leave the sweeping to us.

✓ offer Carpark Cleaning Services For Warehouses, Factories, Retail, Offices, Apartments, Shopping Centers and more.

✓ No need to mess around with renting and returning heavy machinery.

✓ Powerful dust free vacuum sweeping.

✓ No storing heavy machinery, we bring it with us to do the job, then take it away when we are done.

✓ We clean 24/7, arrange a time when it suits you.

✓ Keep your car park looking tidy.

✓ We are up to speed with the Health and Safety at Work Act requirements for cleaners.

✓ We stick to your schedule and have bespoke plans to suit your needs.


How does the car park sweeping services work?

It all starts with a conversation. Tell us more about your premises, the size of your car park and the frequency you would require cleaning, we can provide you with a free no obligation free quote.